Gender Violence, Gender Justice: Rethinking Post-Conflict Societies

This class blog comprises a component of Professor Pamela Scully’s Spring 2014 African Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies seminar at Emory University

Course Description:

Sexual violence and gender-discrimination in various arenas of women’s lives make it crucial that we reevaluate how we approach our understanding of conflict, transitional justice, and the meanings of peace. Sustainable justice for all has to incorporate attention to the gendered dimensions of violence, of justice, of security, of human rights.

Our analysis of gender violence will inform our attempt to grapple with what justice might look like for women. We will examine theories of gender justice as well as examine what this looks like in the processes known as “transitional justice.” Truth and Reconciliation commissions have become ubiquitous means of moving societies from conflict to post-conflict states. We will examine the attempts made by TRC commissions to rectify this situation.


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